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All the monastery complexes of Armenia have served as centers of cultural, scientific and spiritual development. This is where the Armenian mind has contributed to world philosophy, translation, literature, music, etc. Located in the basin of the Aghstev river, the monastery complex of Haghartsin dates back to the 10 to 13th centuries. Ever since its completion, it has been a revered sanctuary for many generations of peasants and priests. Traditionally, an eagle was soaring over the dome of the main building at its dedication and thus it became commonly known as the monastery of the playing (or soaring) eagle (“Hagh” means a game, playing, while “Artsin” a form of “Artsiv” means eagle in Armenian). The complex comprises five churches, inside of each remain parts of the rich history of our ancestors and kings, e.g. King Smbat and King Gagik are buried here. Wrapped in lush forests, Haghartsin monastery complex is a lovable and attractive museum just outside Dilijan.

The Goshavank monastery is some 20 km north-east of Dilijan. It has been built in the 12th to 13th centuries and named to the honor of a famous medieval Armenian author Mkhitar Gosh. The monastery retains the remains of its historical value and its deep-rooted serenity. Today, hundreds of pilgrims keep flocking to Nor Getik to enjoy not only the picturesque sceneries but also the beauty of this monument bearing witness to the development of decorative arts throughout the Middle Ages in Armenia.

In the outskirts of Bldanchay district of Dilijan you will “discover” Jukhtakvank monasteries and Matosavank, built in the 12th to 13th centuries. Even though historical data on these edifices are scarce, they still stand out with their architectural style and design. Jukhtakvank (literary: monastery couple), set amidst the primeval forest, typically attracts young couples on dates. In the Soviet times, having been renovated by the Department of Preservation and Use of Historical Monuments, they were included in the popular tourist routes.

Parz Leech (literally: clear lake) is one of the picturesque sites of Dilijan. The lake was formed by natural climatic changes. Though located a little far from the town, the verdant forests with diverse vegetation surrounding the lake and the healthy fresh air all over the place make it a worthwhile outing for true lovers of nature and beauty.
Tzrakaleech (literally: lake of leeches) has similar attraction. The lake, otherwise known as Gosh Lake, is situated about 7 km further from the village of Gosh (where you’ll see Goshavank). Traditionally, the lake was populated by leeches useful for the human body. These leeches are now extinct. Thankfully, the beauty and purity of the area still remain and invite everyone to enjoy the scenes, the serenity, the sunset…

In order to make the summer vacation time eventful, some wealthy businessmen built the Rotondo resort complex in the 1800s. Rotondo (French for “domed building”) overlooks the charming Dilijanian panorama. Today, scarcely anything remains of this once heavily attended site, which is said to have had a large dance floor and summer (outdoor) theater. The site, however, is still considered the crown of Dilijan. Rotondo has been a source of inspiration for many artists and poets, including the popular Yeghishe Charents. This once-awesome structure has been the “jewel” of the area and has drawn many couples and families.
Today, in one of the central locations within Dilijan, an amphitheater is being constructed. It will be used for various cultural events, thus giving a rebirth to the much-missed Rotondo of the good old days. The outdoor “Green” amphitheater, blending with the charm of the nature, will certainly become one of the favorite rest and recreational spots for locals and guests of Dilijan.

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